Project Description

In times of significant change, illness or loss, people require more than just physical care to help them cope with challenging circumstances. At the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, patients and their caregivers have a peaceful, tranquil space for meditation, reflection, quiet time and prayer.

Opened in 2018, the Reflection and Renewal Centre accommodates people of all faiths to bring spirituality, as well as a soothing connection with light and nature, into their healthcare journey.

Through the generosity of donors, the Glenrose Foundation was able to refurbish a former meeting room into a peaceful space that welcomes all. The space is open 24/7 to patients, families, staff and physicians as a retreat for quiet reflection, meditation and prayer. The Reflection & Renewal Centre is non-denominational, supporting people of all cultures and beliefs. Within the Centre there is an adjoining ablution room for washing of hands and feet, a sound system for a Bluetooth connection to music and a seating area for small gatherings.