Imagine living nearly eighteen healthy years and then suddenly sustaining a severe brain injury because of bleeding in your brain. While emergency surgery repaired the bleed, Jordan faced many challenges. He was unable to voluntarily [...]


For years Una had been experiencing challenges with her legs, yet tests left the problem undiagnosed. Annually, she travelled to her home country, Jamaica, to visit family and to volunteer helping others. While in Jamaica her [...]


For five years Melanie lived in China, studying and performing Kung Fu from 4:50 am to 10:00 pm each day. After being back inCanada for only eight short months, one Sunday evening she experienced a [...]


With his twin brother, older brother and parents, Liam was very active camping and biking, plus watching and reading Star Wars stories. One day while jumping on the trampoline he hit his head. The initial [...]


A dynamic life as an artist, singer, father, husband, grandfather and dedicated firefighter shaped Jerry’s outgoing personality. He suddenly lost hearing in his left ear at age 38. Over the years hearing in his other [...]


Like many 14 year olds, Nicholas spent hours every week playing hockey. Following a severe headache and vomiting at hockey practice, it was discovered he had suffered a stroke from an arteriovenous malformation. He underwent [...]

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