• Adam Knox 2019 Courage Award Winner


It was almost seven years ago that Adam lost both of his legs as the result of being hit by a train while at work. Since then he has had to relearn how to walk [...]

  • Jordan Lockwood 2019 Courage Award Winner


Jordan's life was changed forever when he was at work on the highway, getting ready to repair a pothole. He was climbing into the back of his truck when someone who had fallen asleep at [...]

  • Glenrose exercise lab


Determination and courage helps Bailey overcome challenges. Bailey was a typical 19-year-old who enjoyed spending time with his friends and playing sports. He excelled at Lacrosse and played on a Minor ‘A’ team just [...]


For the first few months of her life Avery was hitting all of her milestones. When she was 6-months-old she suffered a seizure and her parents took her to the emergency room. It was [...]

  • Courage Award Winners Andreas and Caroline


The sound of birds chirping, a plane flying overhead, the laughter of a loved one. For Caroline Schwabe, none of these sounds were distinct. Talking sounded like mumbling – even with the use of her hearing aids. She depended on [...]

  • Courage Award Winner Addyson


You never think that it will be your family that is rocked by a medical misfortune. The Parsons family never dreamed of the journey their young daughter, Addyson, would travel and the way that their lives would change for the [...]

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