• Glenrose exercise lab


Determination and courage helps Bailey overcome challenges. Bailey was a typical 19-year-old who enjoyed spending time with his friends and playing sports. He excelled at Lacrosse and played on a Minor ‘A’ team just [...]

  • Patient Avery in her power mobility chair outside smiling.


For the first few months of her life Avery was hitting all of her milestones. When she was 6-months-old she suffered a seizure and her parents took her to the emergency room. It was [...]

  • Courage Award Winners Andreas and Caroline


The sound of birds chirping, a plane flying overhead, the laughter of a loved one. For Caroline Schwabe, none of these sounds were distinct. Talking sounded like mumbling – even with the use of her hearing aids. She depended on [...]

  • Courage Award Winner Addyson


You never think that it will be your family that is rocked by a medical misfortune. The Parsons family never dreamed of the journey their young daughter, Addyson, would travel and the way that their lives would change for the [...]

  • Courage Winner Dianne


Imagine never being able to tell someone that you love them. Never being able to voice how much you appreciate your loved ones and how they have changed your life for the better. It is something that most [...]

  • Courage Award Winner Lana


Recognized as a social butterfly amongst her family and friends, Lana is a vibrant young woman who enjoys bringing people together. In 2014, Lana's life changed dramatically when she was hit at a crosswalk, resulting [...]

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